Sustainability & Packaging

The jewellery industry is infamous for it's negative impact on the planet and people, and although it can be challenging to make sustainable choices when paired against cheaper and easier alternatives, this is a commitment that I have made at Pupari.

The wellbeing of our planet is a shared responsibility, and I believe that businesses, big or small, should prioritize sustainable practices and continually seek opportunities to do more where they can.


All pieces are made with 100% recycled solid sterling silver - aiming for the lowest negative environmental impact.

I strive to avoid all wastage and to reuse where possible, even recycling the sprues and shavings when filing down silver!


This package prioritizes environmental sustainability, with both the packaging box and jewellery box made from fully recycled and recyclable materials. 

Plus, the Fairtrade 100% Cotton pouch, which is free from bleaching agents, not only offers a soft and durable place to store your jewellery, but is also both reusable and biodegradable.

The beautiful packaging was also designed by the amazing Zoe Aguerreberry!

Ideas on how I can do better?

My aim is to ensure that every piece I make and send is as sustainable as possible, but there are always ways to improve. If you have any ideas on how I can improve, let me know below!