How to check your ring size at home without a sizer

The most accurate method for determining your ring size would be to visit a jeweller and having them measure your finger! However, if that's not possible (or you can't be bothered), you can follow this home method below.

Keep in mind that hands are not usually symmetrical, meaning the fingers on one hand may be larger or smaller than the other.

Another thing to note is that cold or hot weather affects the size of your fingers - hot making them slightly larger and cold making them slightly smaller - so consider that when sizing around your finger!

So, how can you check your ring size from at home?

1. Select the finger on which you intend to wear the ring.

2. Cut out a thin strip of paper or use a piece of string. Perhaps an earphone wire, or a piece of string. Make sure it isn't stretchy and that the width doesn't exceed 1cm. A measuring tape is too thick to be accurate.

3. Wrap the paper or string firmly around the base of your finger, ensuring a snug fit (not too snug!), and mark the point where the two ends meet.

4. Measure the length between the marked points using a ruler.

5. Compare the measured length with a ring size chart such as below.

Extra tip!

When measuring your finger size at home, mistakes can sometimes be made.

Every hand is unique, however, below is an average range that should hopefully help you confirm if you have measured correctly.



Smaller hands: Below L

Medium/most common: L-Q

Larger hands: R+


Smaller hands: Below P

Medium/most common: P-U

Larger hands: V+


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