A little about me

Pupari is a small team of just one, me - Jordan!

Growing up in London and following the conventional and traditional path has always left me feeling unfulfilled. There was always something missing for me, and I wanted to create something of my own. For a long time, I just wasn't sure what. Over the years I tried lots of different hobbies but could never stick to one thing.

I wanted to create pieces I had never seen before. I love being able to have an idea in my head and then carving those thoughts into something wearable.

The influence of my mum (also a silversmith) plays a big influence in my appreciation for jewellery. Seeing pieces she had created over the years inspired me to create my own.

So, armed with some wax (to carve into ring shapes), a saw, and some files, I started my journey, making my first ring right in my bedroom here in London.

After many many unsuccessful attempts, I finally cracked it. I still wear that ring (the Amorio ring) to this day, as a reminder of where this all began.

I started making and selling jewellery from my bedroom - before being able to quit my corporate job and move to my studio space in 2023. I am so grateful for the support from everyone that helped me achieve that.

Why 'Pupari'?

The name "Pupari" stems from the word "pupa," which refers to the last stage of metamorphosis in insects like butterflies and moths. This stage is the largest transformation they take, symbolizing growth, transitioning, and change.

For someone who has felt unsure about what I'm doing with my life since being a teenager, it serves as a reminder that life is a continuous journey of development and self-discovery.

The process:

I hand design each piece by myself, carving and moulding the design from either wax or clay. I then sandcast those shapes by melting silver using a blowtorch and then pouring it into moulds made from sand.

For more complex and detailed pieces, those are cast locally (using the lost wax technique) and then hand-finished using a saw, rotary tool and sandpaper.